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Another year has come and gone and Valentine’s Day is among us once again. I don’t know what it is but I have always loved this holiday. Maybe it’s the pink and red everything. Maybe it’s the outward projection of love from friends, family, and my sweetheart. Maybe it’s the excuse to eat chocolate and not feel guilty one bit! I don’t know what it is but I love all things Valentine’s Day.

Kelly and I have plans to cook a yummy dinner tonight and watch TV together. We will do our big date night this weekend but sometimes just spending that quality time together is a gift in itself. This weekend we have plans to visit a new wine bar we’ve been eyeing and I’m really excited about it. They don’t take reservations so I’m hoping we don’t have to wait too long because of the holiday crowds. Regardless, the reviews for the restaurant are great so I’m sure it will be worth it.

But for today, in honor of February 14th, I wanted to share 14 random things that I love. This is a small way for you to get to know me a little bit better and it’s fun tid-bits that I hope you enjoy! This was a fun thing for me to do and made me happy so you should give it a try yourself!


There is nothing like a sparkling clean kitchen. I cook a lot and there is not a night that I go to bed with a dirty kitchen. Maybe I’ll let a pot soak overnight for stubborn food but that’s rare. There is just something about waking up the next day to a clean kitchen and zero dishes in the sink. Kelly and I have a system of if you cook dinner then the other person cleans the kitchen. I’m a little OCD about a clean kitchen and Kelly knows this about me and has become very good at cleaning the kitchen and making it sparkle. It’s just a simple joy of mine.


Burning candles is such a guilty pleasure of mine. In a weird way, I think it promotes a clean household. A nice aroma is inviting and even the cleanest houses are taken to the next level when you have a nice candle burning. I’m a HUGE fan of the Bath and Body Works 2-for-1 candle sales. Their three wick candles smell incredible and don’t burn too quickly. This allows me to enjoy them for longer. They release seasonal scents that are amazing but my year-round favorite is Mahogany Teakwood. It’s a musky, heavenly smell.


Call me crazy. Call me weird. Call me what you may but I love a good cup of black coffee. I don’t use creamer at all and think it actually ruins the taste of the coffee. This started about 4 years ago when I gave up dairy for a short period, which meant that I had to give up adding creamer to my coffee. It was a tough adjustment at first but over time I learned to enjoy different roasts and coffee from different regions and am now officially addicted. I drink at least 4 cups a day. I currently use a Keurig but Kelly is seriously wanting a Nespresso brewer. He’s spoiled and has one at work so he really wants one at the house. Coffee is just the best. Amen.


As you can see above, I have a love and appreciation for coffee. However, add a lazy weekend morning to the mix and I’m in heaven. There are few things that beat waking up without an alarm, brewing a cup of coffee, and watching TV on the couch in my pajamas. (Side note: I am wanting these pajamas so bad!) Anyway, this is a pleasure of mine. When the weather is nice outside, I also love drinking coffee outside and watching Howdy play in the backyard. Come on warmer weather…


Kelly and I are very similar in the sense that we gravitate towards water. He grew up on the southern border of Texas and practically lived in the water throughout his youth. I also love sitting by the pool or going to the lake, but nothing beats a warm day at the beach. I love the sand and the seagulls and the breeze off the water. It’s bliss. We would love to eventually have a home by the water that would allow us to visit the water as much as we wanted. This is of course in the very very distant future, but still something we talk about regularly.


Mexican food is my love language. Ugh. So good. There isn’t much to say other than it’s my FAVORITE type of cuisine. Pair the meal with a delicious margarita and game over.


I’ve actually found myself lost in the depths of the internet finding random puppy pages with an endless supply of adorableness and fluffy cuddles. Corgi puppies, Golden Retriever puppies, German Shepherd puppies…I can’t get enough of them!


This isn’t too random and shouldn’t been that surprising to many of you, but I love the look of fresh flowers in my home. They add a feminine and fresh touch that is so beautiful. Although their beauty is short lived, I loved a bouquet of fresh flowers. I’ve found a few fake flowers in beautiful vases at places like Pier One and Homegoods that could easy pass as the real thing. Just lovely!


For some reason when I get my hands on sour gummy candy I can’t hold myself back from eating the entire thing. My favorite are the Sour Patch Kids Watermelon candy and the sour belts you can typically find at any candy store in the mall or airport (the kind you can buy in bulk and how I typically buy it). I will scope out the bulk candy stores at the airport to buy a bag of sour candy and will enjoy it on the plane. It’s a weird thing of mine that I do in airports. Sour gummy candy is also my candy of choice at the movies. I almost always chose it over chocolate.


My friend Hayley and I were joking about how we will each go to Homegoods at least once a week. I’m not kidding. If I have a free weekend, I will always make time to visit a Homegoods. As I mentioned in this post, it seems that if I am looking for a specific item that I cannot find ANYTHING and if I am just browsing for nothing that I find ALL OF THE THINGS! I guess it’s the law of averages or something like that. I love that there are different styles that anyone can shop for and all at a very reasonable price.


My husband is probably rolling his eyes as you read this because he loathes my love of reality television. He doesn’t have any patience for my poor taste in television but I love it so much. My favorite network is Bravo and I watch almost every show that the network airs. There are a few shows that are a little weird for my taste, but that is rare. I’m also a loyal Bachelor franchise watcher and this is one that I watch on my own time because Kelly won’t even humor that show. He hates it LOL! We don’t have DVR but if we did, 90% of our recorded shows would be my weakness for reality television.


Sunglasses are hands down my favorite accessory. I love how sunglasses can completely transform an outfit AND shield tired eyes on weekends when one is a bit hungover. My favorite style of sunglasses are the oversized frames but am a fan of all trendy and classic looks. I recently purchased these and have been wearing them religiously.


When I was in college, the movie theater would only charge $4 per ticket with a student ID. Because it was such cheap entertainment I went to the movies all the time. I would even go by myself on weekends when my roommates were all out of town and I was looking to get out of the apartment. Since then, going to the movies has become one of my favorite things to do. I don’t go as often as I would like to go but if a movie looks good enough to Kelly and I we will make the trip and make a night out of it.


This may sound weird, but the joy of putting on a brand new pair of socks is real. I usually get a full pack of white tube socks for Christmas every year and I savor each pair and the joy of slipping them on for the first time. After a few washes, they lose their special charm for me but the joy lasts for a short bit. PS. How cute are these Kate Spade socks??

Well I hope you enjoyed these little loves of mine and I also hope you have a GREAT Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, friends, BFF, Mom, Dad, fling…ANYONE! I hope you feel the love you deserve because YOU ARE LOVED!


Mary Louise

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