5 Must Have Items In My Fridge

Fridge Must HavesI’ve been living on my own for going on 6 years now and I had a hard time in college learning that Hot Pockets and Kraft mac-and-cheese were not essential items to live off of long term. Through trial and error, I have pretty much sealed up a consistent grocery list that specifically has 5 items on the list each time. Each one is a go-to item for me in a pinch for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here are my must have items in my fridge/pantry at all times:

  1. Eggs: I’ve always loved eggs and also grew up in a household that had the occasional breakfast for dinner. My mom stressed the importance of protein at the beginning of the day so I ate eggs a lot. But I appreciate that now because I’ve learned to do so many things with eggs for all three meals. I usually have eggs for breakfast and you also never know when you’ll need to whip up an emergency batch of cookies. They’re great to always have on hand!
  2. Black beans: I can count on one hand how many meals I usually make for dinner during the week. And three of those meals involve black beans. I love Mexican food and making skinny versions of my fave meals. Black beans are so easy to make, are tasty, and enjoyed by Kelly as well, so that’s a win. I usually serve them with rice, zucchini, or just plain with a baked chicken breast, which brings me to my next staple…
  3. Chicken breast: I ate chicken every day. Every. Single. Day. In the rare instance we run out of chicken in the fridge, I either go get more or revert to a boring can of soup, which probably has chicken in it. Most of my favorite recipes have chicken in it and it’s great to whip up for a protein packed meal with low calories. I either bake it in the oven or sear it on the stove top while my vegetables are cooking. Love, love, love chicken!
  4. Peanut butter: I feel like peanut butter is a staple in every home in America. Who doesn’t like a peanut butter sandwich? It’s an easy item to store and revert to when you have nothing for lunch. Whip up a peanut butter sandwich and a handful of fruit and you’re good to go. Plus, my dog won’t take his heart worm pill unless it’s coated in PB.
  5. Frozen fruit and veggies: Don’t get this confused with me not eating any fresh fruit and veggies. I love to slice and dice fresh vegetables and cook them in a pan, but in the instance that my fresh produce goes bad, I always have a frozen alternative on hand to avoid the excuse that I didn’t have any other option. I love freezing fresh fruit as well for a good smoothie in the morning.

Those are my 5 must haves for my fridge. What are you staples that you can’t live without having on hand and in your fridge??


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