I finally took the plunge this weekend and got highlights!

Getting highlights in my hair is always something I have wanted to do and ALWAYS chickened out when push came to shove. But, I’ve been eyeing all types of different highlights these past couple of months and I decided I would finally pull the trigger for this Summer.

I am IN LOVE with how it turned out.

My hair stylist and I have been talking about it for months and she told me that when I was ready that bringing in pictures is the best option to really get an understanding of what I want. I showed her 3 similar pictures and she was happy because it was what she pictured for me.

From start to finish it took about two and a half hours and I walked out of the salon feeling like a super model.

As you can see from the photos, I got highlights on the blonder side but it’s blended very well. I made sure to tell her nothing too chunky. I curled my hair the next day and the highlights really shined through after I did that so I’ll probably be styling it curled more regularly.

I didn’t realize how much dying my hair would impact my confidence and emphasize the color of my eyes.

I’m so happy with the results and will definitely be doing it again when they grow out.


My Current Skin Care Routine

I have always been really intrigued by skin care and all of the different products that can nourish, prevent, plump, reverse, moisturize, refine, blah blah blah your skin. I have fun trying different products and always hope to receive the maximum results that many promise. Sometimes I’m very impressed and other times I’m less than impressed.

With trial and error over the past few months, I think I’ve finally found a routine that is worth sticking to for it’s lasting results and noticeable difference it’s made on my skin. So, I’m happy to share my skin care routine and testimony for these products and hope you may find the same results for yourself if you are to ever give them a try.

My face wash.

When I graduated from college, I received a sample of this as a gift with purchase from Sephora. I remember absolutely loving this stuff and how it was gentle on my skin while still removing all of my makeup at night. Well, being as broke as I was, I remember being disappointed I couldn’t buy it on a regular basis and sort of forgot about it.

Well, I was in Ulta last month buying some bronzer and I came across this Philosophy Purity One-Step Cleanser and immediately put in it my little basket of items. I remember how much I loved it and was on the tail end of my current face wash at the time.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I am obsessed with the effect it has had on my skin. I’m wasn’t aware of the harsh effects my previous cleanser had on my skin, because this face wash has completely cleared my skin up and it feels much more nourished throughout the day. I use a little dime sized amount to wash my face in the morning and at night and I will tell you now that I will be using this product from here on out. Love it!

To exfoliate my skin, I use my Clairisonic Mia 2 about 2-3 times a week for added benefit and have been loving it.

My moisturizer.

When I was in the section of Ulta that displays all of the Philosophy products, this little baby jar of Renewed Hope in a Jar caught my eye.

When I think back to the moisturizer I was using, I can’t help but remember how I was consistently unhappy with it. It felt like I was just wiping watered down lotion on my face and my face was EXTREMELY oily throughout the day. (Side note: the moisturizer I was using was oil-free. Hence my confusion and dissatisfaction.) I would wake up with oily skin and was able to wipe off oily residue from my skin by about dinner time. I blamed this newly found oily skin to hormones and side effects of aging. Now, I can’t help but think my moisturizer was the one to blame for this. Because since I’ve been using this Renewed Hope in a Jar regularly, my skin has a beautiful finish and the oil on my face is much more controlled.

The baby jar I bought was purposed for a trial period, but I will definitely be buying more of this.

My eye cream.

I am such a geek when it comes to researching the benefits of different eye creams and what each one has to offer. I am extremely picky in the sense that I don’t like an oily eye cream, it needs to have a somewhat thicker consistency, it needs to be hydrating, and I want to be able to wear it in the morning and at night.

Okay, now that you have an understanding of my perfect potion for an eye cream, I’d like to introduce you to the only eye cream you’ll ever need to use again. Well, the only eye cream I will ever need to use again. Ha!

I am OBSESSED WITH THIS STUFF. It comes highly recommended by top dermatologists and I see a noticeable difference in my eye area since using this cream. I will admit, I haven’t regularly used an eye cream for about two years. But I bought this Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and I am never looking back.

The consistency, the finish, the hydration, ALL OF IT is remarkable. It has a steep price tag, but it’s well worth it. I pack it on at night right before bed time and wear a light layer under my makeup for all day wear. I will say that I’m in the market for an anti-aging night time eye cream that will prevent aging, but in the meantime this stuff will do just fine.

My finishing spray.

I’m new to the whole makeup setting sprays and hydrating sprays, so I thought a good place to start was a refreshing/hydrating spray. I found this Mario Badescu Facial Spray and I’m still on the fence about it. This spray is infused with rose water, aloe, and herbs and I’m still a little unsure if it’s necessary.

Reviews have mentioned that some people use it after their make up is done, some say it’s good to use around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon for a pick-me-up for their skin. Well, I have used it after my makeup is done and first thing in the morning on weekends when I know I might now be putting makeup on right away. Using it after my makeup is done isn’t completely necessary on my opinion, but I do love using it on the weekend after I wake up.

I will go in the bathroom and spray it on my face first thing just to give my skin a jolt of energy and I will say that it is really refreshing to use. The $7 price tag is a also a great benefits.

Well, that about wraps up my current skin care routine and I have a feeling these products are definitely going to be repurchased as soon as I am running low on any of them. What is your favorite product you use as a part of your current skin care routine?


What’s In My Purse?!

Happy Hump Day!

I filmed a video for you guys explaining what’s in my purse! Like I mention in the video below, I love taking a peek into what other girls carry in their bags because it’s such a mystery! So I went ahead and filmed a video of what I’m carrying around with me everyday!

Anyway, take a look in the video below and I hope you like it!


My Night Routine

I am a creature of habit and have a defined routine that I follow every night before bed. I can’t go to sleep with makeup on because I just feel dirty the next day and my skin really suffers. Since I’ve adopted this routine, my skin is clear and I feel great when I wake up. Here are the products I love and live by each night before catching some zzz’s.

After making a cup of sleepy time tea, I wipe my makeup off with these makeup remover wipes. They take off all of makeup and grime from the day and prep my face to be washed.

Night Routine 1


Next, I wet my face and use my HOLY GRAIL face wash. This stuff is my tried and true favorite face wash of all time. It’s gentle on my skin and has amazing texture. I have crazy sensitive skin and this is the perfect cleanser for it.

Night Routine 2


After I’ve washed my face, I apply this moisturizer just to ensure my face doesn’t dry out overnight. I feel like an incomplete person unless I’ve applied moisturizer. Yes, I took it there. Plus it has SPF to protect my skin from premature wrinkles. Nobody wants those!

Night Routine 3And for safe, preventative measures, I swear by applying an eye cream. Day and night. I am currently using this eye cream and it’s okay. I apply it and the texture gets very slimy on my skin. It takes a little while to sink in to the skin, but is great and hydrating and alleviates puffiness.

Night Routine 5


I brush my teeth after that and then apply either good ole vaseline to my lips or my favorite chapstick that lives on my nightstand. It only takes about 10 minutes and by that time, my tea is cool enough to enjoy. I cuddle up in bed and read whichever book I am reading at the time until I can’t keep my eyes open. Right now I am currently reading Tony Robbins 7 Steps to Financial Freedom. It’s got great insight.

Lights are out no later than 11PM and then next thing I know it’s 5:30AM! Then that’s a whole other routine in itself…

What products are you loving right night before bed?


Must Haves on the Beach

Beach Favorites1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 /

I have been daydreaming of the beach and wishing I were in the sand with a cocktail and not a care in the world. But, in the meantime, I will just imagine I were there with all of these fabulous products. How amazing are those sunglasses??