Happy Monday!

I am taking inspiration for today’s post from Julia and a post she wrote over one year ago. In lieu of a New Year’s resolution last year, she focused on a word for the year and worked on implementing it into different facets of her life. Well, I love the idea of this exercise and want to implement this for myself.

After thinking about this for a little while, the word I am going to use and apply for myself this year is challenge.

Challenge my mind.

When I say challenge my mind, I want to focus on challenging myself to think about things from a different perspective. It’s easy to form an opinion on a specific topic and never really listen┬áto an opposing or different point of view. I feel it’s healthy to challenge yourself to have greater empathy and try to see things from a different angle. I also want to challenge my mind to remind myself that I can keep going when I’m on the brink of stopping something that matters to me.

Something else that I want to challenge my mind with is to learn more about meditation practices and some of the different forms you can use to help center your mind on a daily basis. I’ve heard that the Headspace app is a great tool to use and I will definitely try it out.

Goal: To disconnect from electronics more frequently and start a meditation practice.

Challenge my body.

A priority of mine this year is to focus on my body. I want to work on not only the physical strength of my body but work on it from the inside out. It’s no big secret that adopting a new lifestyle is tough, but it can be done! I am working very hard and challenging my body in different ways and I’m really enjoying the process thus far. Since the new year, I have only focused on improving my diet and want to be more active. I have done some research on healthy fitness routines that can build strength and am excited to start physically challenging myself this week.

Goal: Work out three times per week and work more vegetables into my diet.

Challenge my money.

Kelly and I try to save money any way we can. We are currently in the process of saving for a house and are working together to hit specific goals of ours. In addition to that, I think that we can challenge ourselves to really consider if certain purchases are worth it or if that money would be more beneficial being put towards our home. We sit down together twice a month to make sure we’re on the same page with spending habits and goals which helps immensely. It holds us both accountable for our spending and opens up a healthy level of communication in regard to finances, which I think is very important in a relationship. However, this year I want to add an additional challenge and set a savings goal each month and see if we can hit it. It will feed our competitive spirits and also help our wallets!

Goal: Create a monthly spending budget that includes a savings plan and stick to it!

Challenge my time.

I will say that I have pretty good time management skills, but I want to challenge myself to work on spending more time on hobbies of mine and holding myself accountable to that. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of life and put “fun” things aside, but I want to do MORE “fun” things. I want to start scheduling me-time and make it a priority for me to focus on myself (hence the champagne in hand pictured above).

Goal: Do one “fun” thing per week. (Bonus if I get more than that!)

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