Challenging Myself in 2016

About this time last year, Kelly and I participated in the Advocare 24-Day Challenge and while I saw incredible results from the program and really enjoyed doing it, this year I decided to opt out on the program and take matters into my own hands.

The Advocare 24-day Challenge equips you with plenty of supplements and vitamins to assist you in the process. It includes fiber drinks, protein shakes, and a small booklet to guide you through the program and keep you on track. I lost about 10 pounds last year in the span of 24-days and felt like I was on top of the world. I was sleeping well, I was energized throughout the day, and I the pounds on the scale continued to go down.

But throughout my time doing the program, people would continually ask me, “Okay, so what’s after the 24 days?” I explained that you continue to program should you choose and purchase more vitamins, etc. But, this year I asked myself why limit this to a strict 24 days? What does happen next? I figured if I really did want to adopt this healthier lifestyle in 2016, it must go further than those 24 days.

So, I’ve challenged myself to a perspective of this entire year being my “24-day challenge”. I know the goals I have for myself are going to take much longer than a quick 24 days so I’m excited to get started. I am going to try my best to eat whole, clean foods and avoid processed foods when I can. Now, I believe that everything in life should happen in moderation and I don’t want to limit myself because I’m on a strict program. That’s just not reality. I know I’m going to go to happy hours with girl friends, I know I’m going to go on trips and want to try new restaurants, but I’m focusing on doing it all in moderation.

So, I went to the grocery store today and purchased a lot of fresh produce, lean meats, and a variety of things to get me through the week. I’m limiting my alcohol intake to about 1 day a week and I’m choosing for that to be Saturday. I’m excited to see what results I get in this new challenge and after my 12 days, I will enjoy myself for a fun weekend, and start fresh the following week.

I’m hoping that this new routine will result in not only a few shaved pounds, but also a better me throughout the week. I loved how well I was sleeping at this point last year and waking up really refreshed. I also was more energized throughout my day and felt accomplished when the day was done. Let me show you guys a few items I bought to eat this week so you can have a first hand look into what I have in mind.


Plain instant oatmeal is an easy go-to for me. It’s low calories, high in fiber, and easy to throw in the microwave while I take Howdy outside first thing in the morning. I throw a K-cup in my Keurig and drink it black. I’ve never been a sweet coffee drinker except for the occasional Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. Can I get an amen on that one? So good.

Anyway, this is an easy breakfast and holds me over easily until lunch time. I’m prepared to eat this every day for breakfast for as long as I can.


As for lunch, I prepped a bunch of these babies so that I’m prepared for the week. Being in sales, I am in my car 60% of the day and I’m going ahead and preparing on eating this each day for lunch so I’m not tempted to grab something on the go, healthy or not. Is this the tastiest and most mouthwatering thing I’ve ever eaten? No. But it’s high in protein and a hefty serving of greens so it’ll do the trick.

Until I get more creative on low calorie and tasty lunch options on the go, this will have to do.


I know this is just a picture of an apple, but I already know this will be one of my favorite times of day. I will cut this up and pack it in a plastic bag to enjoy for my 3:00 snack. My goal is to keep my metabolism going all day, so I need to be prepared for snack time. Granny Smith Apples are high in fiber and are tart in taste so it’s a sweet little treat that is filling and will have to hold me over until dinner.


This is a mix of different salad ingredients that I bought to accompany each one of my dinners this week. A little side salad is an easy way to pack in as many veggies in to the day as I can because they are filling and, again, full of fiber. I’ll just be mixing this baby spring mix, cucumber slices, sliced sweet tomatoes, and a sprinkle of this lemon vinaigrette for taste.


As for my main meal, I basically bought chicken breast in bulk and am planning on cooking that each night for dinner this week. The variance will be in the prepared vegetables. Kelly and I are going to try broccolini this week as well as parmesan roasted cauliflower. Look at us getting adventurous! We have our staples of yellow squash and asparagus, so we are going to whip those up and power through! I’m nervous that the chicken will get redundant, but I’ll mix some salmon and tilapia in there occasionally so we don’t get bored.

 Whelp, I’m excited for this week and next and will have a full report prepared soon! My good friend emailed me a link for a workout regimen that I’m excited to try. But, one step at a time and I’m really going to focus on getting my diet in line! All of the meals that I have planned this week and gluten free and dairy free.

Cheers to clean eating and new goals in 2016!


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  • Reply Anonymous

    Good luck!!! I love that salad dressing! Good to marinate chicken or shrimp in too!

    January 4, 2016 at 8:31 pm
    • Reply Mary

      What a good idea! It’s so tangy and low in calories! I’m definitely going to try it with chicken.

      January 4, 2016 at 8:47 pm

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