“Goals are dreams with a deadline.”

I’ve realized lately that there are a lot of bad habits that I’ve picked up on over the past couple of years. By bad habits I mean eating habits, social habits, sleeping habits, and health habits. I accept that I am a different woman that I was years ago and if I weren’t, we would have a problem. But I do want to pick up on some of the better habits I used to have a couple of years ago pre-social media times and when I craved long walks and quick jogs.

Now that I have recognized these bad habits, I really had to dig deep and ask myself “Mary, is this the kind of person you want to be? Are you proud of your actions and who you are?” Now, you may be curious as to what bad habits I’m speaking of. Instead of dishing on all of the bad habits that I’ve picked up on, I’d like to dish about what actions I want to take in order to eliminate them. I’ve set a few goals for myself that I feel will help me grow and appreciate working hard on myself. I want to:

  • “Unplug” for at least 30 min-1 hour before bedtime. No phone, no TV, no iPad, etc.
  • Exercise for 150 minutes a week. Divided up how I see fit.
  • Have more ‘me’ time.
  • Try a new recipe every week.
  • Call my friends more regularly.
  • Spend more time outside

These are just a few things that I feel will help me sleep better, feed my body better, socialize better, and relieve myself of stress more regularly. I’ve already started working on a few of these goals and am proud of myself already.

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