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So much has been going on lately that I feel it’s time for a little update!

Summer is in full swing and I am in heaven! I mentioned a while back that we purchased a grill so I have LOVED utilizing that and grilling outside after work and on weekends. Last night Kelly grilled us some cilantro lime chicken with grilled asparagus. I’ll sit out in the backyard with him while he’s grilling and sip on some sparking water or even some champagne.

I’ve realized that I love being outside more and more so I’m really enjoying it.

We got back from New Orleans a few weeks ago and I’m so disappointed I didn’t take more pictures. My phone ran out of storage and it honestly just got past me. We were just enjoying ourselves and I didn’t focus enough on photos. Needless to say, it was a blast. We went with our good friends and the four of us all made it back in one piece. Barely. Ha!

Next trip on our list is our honeymoon in three weeks. Work is going to be CRAZY over these next few weeks so it’s definitely coming at the right time. I have a huge presentation the week before we go and I will be in major need of some R&R.

Fun fact: I’ve never left the country!

I didn’t have a passport until last week and y’all would never believe the hoops I had to jump through to get it. I’ll just say that my application initially got held due to insufficient information… Ugh. Regardless, I got it last Thursday and now we can really prep and plan for the trip.

I’m thinking about writing a post all about what I’m packing. Stay tuned for that!

If you follow me on instagram then you may have seen my IG Story about Howdy being bit by another dog last weekend. Long story short…he was bit, he needed stitches, and he’s fine. I just had a few of you asking about what happened to him so I thought I would also let you know that he’s recooping just fine. He’s loving all of the extra attention.

Next on our agenda is my mom and dad coming to Houston for the weekend to visit. We are going to an Astros game on Friday night and then seeing where the weekend takes us after that. We are excited! That’s about all I have for an update and hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Something funny about this top shown above…the knotted straps are designed to be worn off the shoulder towards the sides, but when I tried it on I wore it both ways and liked them over my shoulders a lot more. Plus, I thought the top was designed for over the shoulder straps. LOL! It was definitely designed to be an OTS top but oh well.

The outfit details are above and below. This top is sold out but it’s cute striped sister is still in stock!


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