Maroon Tank Top

 Happy Monday!
I feel so refreshed after this weekend. Kelly and I hung low on Friday night first the first time in a long time and I needed it. We woke up early on Saturday morning and then headed out for errands. I thought I was going to apply for my passport just to find out you need an appointment to do so. Whoops!
After that fail, we just went out for a bite to eat and came home. The weather radar kept teasing us with a chance for showers and they never came. Boo. But we enjoyed the rest of our day as bumps on a log and caught up on Netflix.
On Sunday morning we woke up and it was like 60* outside! It felt incredible so we opened all of the windows and let fresh air flow through the house. We cleaned up and then headed out for lunch outside somewhere to enjoy the beautiful weather. I’m feeling good and ready to tackle the week ahead.
I want to share with you the details of this outfit. Unfortunately Nordstrom already took my top off the site, but I have linked a few similar items of each article of clothing for you to shop below.

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