My Night Routine

I am a creature of habit and have a defined routine that I follow every night before bed. I can’t go to sleep with makeup on because I just feel dirty the next day and my skin really suffers. Since I’ve adopted this routine, my skin is clear and I feel great when I wake up. Here are the products I love and live by each night before catching some zzz’s.

After making a cup of sleepy time tea, I wipe my makeup off with these makeup remover wipes. They take off all of makeup and grime from the day and prep my face to be washed.

Night Routine 1


Next, I wet my face and use my HOLY GRAIL face wash. This stuff is my tried and true favorite face wash of all time. It’s gentle on my skin and has amazing texture. I have crazy sensitive skin and this is the perfect cleanser for it.

Night Routine 2


After I’ve washed my face, I apply this moisturizer just to ensure my face doesn’t dry out overnight. I feel like an incomplete person unless I’ve applied moisturizer. Yes, I took it there. Plus it has SPF to protect my skin from premature wrinkles. Nobody wants those!

Night Routine 3And for safe, preventative measures, I swear by applying an eye cream. Day and night. I am currently using this eye cream and it’s okay. I apply it and the texture gets very slimy on my skin. It takes a little while to sink in to the skin, but is great and hydrating and alleviates puffiness.

Night Routine 5


I brush my teeth after that and then apply either good ole vaseline to my lips or my favorite chapstick that lives on my nightstand. It only takes about 10 minutes and by that time, my tea is cool enough to enjoy. I cuddle up in bed and read whichever book I am reading at the time until I can’t keep my eyes open. Right now I am currently reading Tony Robbins 7 Steps to Financial Freedom. It’s got great insight.

Lights are out no later than 11PM and then next thing I know it’s 5:30AM! Then that’s a whole other routine in itself…

What products are you loving right night before bed?


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