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We spent the majority of yesterday shopping around Houston and picking up things for the house. We scored a few random finds at IKEA and had ZERO luck at Homegoods. I was on a mission for a specific vase that I’ve seen there 100 times and of course they didn’t have it in stock or anything relatively similar to it.

I feel like that always happens to me with Homegoods. I will either be on a mission to find something specific and it’s not in stock or have nothing particular in mind and roll out of there with three carts full of things “I can’t live without.” After shopping and lunch, we went and looked at some neighborhoods in the Houston area that we want to scope out for when we eventually buy a house.

I need to remind myself of patience when it comes to buying a home. As I mentioned in this post, Kelly and I have a goal to pay off a huge chunk of our debt this year and I can’t let that get clouded by the desire to buy a home of our own. Patience. Patience. Patience.

Anyway…I want to share some sales that are going on right now and a few of my favorite things from those sales.


20% your entire purchase with the code SWEET


Additional 40% off all Sale items including but not limited to:


Up to 60% off weekend styles including but not limited to:


Additional 25% off EVERYTHING! Loving this monogram necklace!


I want to share a product that I have been loving this month and it’s the Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizer. This is product made by angels. I use it when I’ve curled my hair and need that added umph that I may be missing on certain days. It adds a “grit” to my hair for longer hold and fuller body. Also, it smells amazing. I almost skip my perfume when wearing this because I smell it all day and it smells great. It’s great for second day hair in addition to this dry shampoo. I absolutely love it so listen to me when I say GO GET CHA SOME!


I practically never listen to the radio anymore. When I want to listen to music I use my Spotify app but majority of the time I am listening to a Podcast. I would love to hear what you are listening to because there is a whole world of Podcasts that I want to listen to! A few of my faves at the moment are My Favorite Murder (introduced to me by my sister). And because it’s currently Bachelor season, I enjoy listening to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine weekly to hear her recap of The Bachelor.


I have a wild hair to continue decorating our house. We moved in one year ago and I am almost done decorating it, but I have found certain things that I want to change and add to our home to give it some added personal flare. Keep in mind, we are renting this house so I can only do so much. With that being said, Kelly and I are in need of a few new pieces of furniture but we aren’t making any major purchases until we are in a home that we own. I would hate to buy/invest in a piece that we love now but ultimately doesn’t fit/make sense in the home we buy. So, Kelly recently purchased a tool that allows him to build a few pieces for us and give us some projects to work on.


I am DYING for it to warm up. I live for warm weather (that’s the Leo in me) and I’m over this winter weather. I am looking forward to days full of sun, flip flops, backyard bbqs, and layers of sunscreen.


93 days until Summer.

Have a happy Sunday!



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