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Since moving into a house with Kelly, I’ve noticed myself really appreciating our space more than when we lived in an apartment. Being in a house is new for the both of us and while there is a lot more upkeep than in a normal apartment, it gives me more of a sense of security and pride to take more care of it. We’ve spent a lot of time and money decorating the new space, but I still have so many ideas on how I want to finish the spaces. We still have a whole bedroom that is empty because we simply do not have the furniture to fill everything.

We had a large amount of Kelly’s family at our house this weekend and it was my first time to really host a party for┬ápeople. I’d say it was a success, but it also taught me a lot about the hard work that goes into hosting people. This was all of their first time at our house, and the overall reaction was that everyone liked it! It made us feel good because we really have been working hard on it. Would anyone be interested to see how we decorated our common areas?

My taste is rather simple and I’ve kept the aesthetic throughout the house pretty monochromatic. I mean, we have white everywhere. Like everywhere. I’m trying to sell Kelly on getting white couches next, but he’s having none of it. He wants dark furniture to help hide stains and dirt, which I understand.

But, on the subject of decorations, I’ve included a few things that I still want for the house that I believe would really make it pop. All of these items from Target because they are moderately priced and great quality in my opinion.

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Embroidered Pillow: I love the embroidery of this pillow and the pops of blue. I’ve noticed that I tend to gravitate to blue as my pop of color in our house and I love that it is compatible with all seasons of the year.

Tassel Throw: I love nothing more than getting cozy on the couch and settling in for some binge watching on Netflix. I can’t get cozy on the couch without a comfortable blanket and this one looks light enough to not over heat me in the Summer months. I love the tassels, too!

Faux Lemon Wreath: I have been obsessed with all things lemons. Pajamas, wall art, stickers, and now that door wreath. However, I like the idea of a wreath on a wall in the kitchen and not just the front door. Does anyone else do this?

Reclaimed Wooden Stool: I don’t have a bar area in my house or even a tall counter to sit at, but I love the look of these stool. The wood is muted but also has great detail. Love these!

Gold Lamp: My living room is a bit dark at night and I think lamps would definitely do the trick. I like simple lamps that also add height to the space. This gold lamp is so sleek and would add so much to our living room.

Decorative Globe: How cute is this?? I could see this going in a guest bedroom as a cute decorative touch on a dresser or desk. There are also masculine options that I think would be a perfect addition to Kelly’s office.

Wall Art: While we were unpacking after we moved into the house, I made the statement that we have a lot of mirrors. I always like having a mirror in our smaller apartments because they added depth and the illusion that the space was actually bigger than it was, but now I don’t have a need for so many mirror. That’s why I like this wall art to add a simple touch to any wall. This would be cute in our hallway.

Rope Knot Basket: I’m a huge advocate for storage. I don’t like things just sitting out in piles or hidden away in drawers if I can avoid it. That’s why I like this basket for phone chargers or guests or even hand towel in the bathroom so that guests don’t have to be on the hunt for extra towels. I also love the tassel details around the edge.

Which one of these was your favorite?


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