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I guess I’ve been dropping enough hints that I wanted a juicer because Kelly recently bought us one out of the blue and I am so excited. He bought me this juicer and it is just what we need! Not too many bells and whistles and it gets the job done. We made our first batch of juice yesterday and it was delicious. Here is the recipe for the juice we made:


1 pink grapefruit

2 navel oranges

1 apple

4 carrots

1 beet root


Slice all ingredients into small enough pieces to fit into juicer and juice away!

It was tangy with a hint of sweetness. We had to drink it someone quickly because it began to separate naturally after a few minutes of sitting in the glass.

All of the citrus in the juice provided plenty of vitamin C and calcium. The carrots provide a great amount of beta-carotenes which aid in helping  eye health, and beets are a natural aphrodisiac and aid in maintaining mental health.

This juice was a yummy treat for Kelly and I and I am looking forward to incorporating more juices into my regular diet! Are there any juices you would recommend for me to try? I’m open to try almost anything!

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