Wedding Bells: 5 Times When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

Sweet Mary Louise - Engagement RingI will admit that I am guilty of never wanting to take my engagement ring off and I really feel like I’m missing a body part when I’m not wearing it. It’s grown to be a part of me and is incredibly special to me. However, as special as my ring is to me, I realize that there are a few times that it’s not a great time to wear my ring and I do make the decision to take it off.

Today, I’m going to share a few times that I make the conscious decision to take my ring off, and maybe you should think twice about wearing it when one of these situations comes up for you.

In my opinion, avoid wearing your ring:

  1. In the shower. Taking my ring off when I’m about to take a shower started pretty early for me because my hair would always get caught on the ring. I would be lathering up my hair with shampoo and then have to untangle my hair from around the ring which started to become a pain. And, the soap made my ring incredibly slippery on my finger which made me nervous. I didn’t want it accidentally falling off and then chip or scratch or really anything bad. Plus, my band is made of white gold which can eventually tarnish over the years if over exposed to chemicals in soap.
  2. At the gym. When I was newly engaged, I thought it was so cute to wear my ring anywhere I went and with anything I wore, but I soon came to realize that the gym is no place to wear diamonds. I will say, a lot of women still wear their ring to work out, which is fine, but when I would lift weights, my ring would scratch along the dumbbells and bars and it just didn’t make sense for me to wear it. I was probably causing more damage than I was aware of and I opted out of wearing it to the gym. Plus, in the event that I for whatever reason could injure my hand or finger, I wouldn’t want swelling to prevent the ring to come off and then it would need to be cut off (yikes)! I now just avoid wearing it for that short period of time and put it right back on when I get home.
  3. To bed. I know this one may sound weird. It wasn’t until about 2 months ago that I stopped wearing my ring to bed because I read an article online that mentioned a woman got a prong of her ring snagged on the sheets and her diamond fell out! It’s highly improbable that this would happen to you or even me, but better be safe than sorry. I still find myself accidentally wearing it to bed on occasion but I still like to play it safe. I want to add, I ripped a sterling silver bracelet off my wrist in college when I was sleeping and had no idea. I thought I had lost the bracelet for a week only to find it in my sheets and broken because it had been ripped off. So, I’ll avoid the chance of me taking my ring off and oddly losing it in the sheets.
  4. When baking or cooking. This only applies if you are using your hands to help with the recipe. For example, molding meatballs by hand with raw meat or kneading dough by hand to make a bread or crust. I say this because food can tend to get caught in the ring which is not always bad but it’s not always good. Food getting caught in the ring can make your diamond look dull or if it’s an acidic food, can wear the metal of your band down. I would just advise taking it off while using your hands to be safe.
  5. When you’re swimming. When I say swimming, I mean anything that involves a large body of water (Obviously, Mary!). Whether it’s your personal pool or a lake or ocean, just take your ring off. I am guilty of wearing my ring to the pool a few times this Summer, but the chlorine that’s in the water can affect your diamond over time and it’s best to avoid that. Also, if you’re in a lake or ocean, I can just see it accidentally slipping off and then there’s no chance of saving it. That gorgeous gem will sink faster than you’ll realize it’s off and they’ll be no chance of getting it back. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    As much as I hate taking my ring off, I absolutely cherish it and would be devastated if something were to happen to it. Now, I want to say that my ring IS insured and I am covered if anything did happen, but still, I’ll do what I can to avoid that.

    Are there any times that you are adamant about taking your ring off? Or are you a brave soul that never takes it off?



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