Wedding Bells: Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing your wedding date is a HUGE part of the wedding planning process. There is a lot of thought that needs to go into it and can have a big impact on the overall experience of your day. Although it sounds like something that may be on the easy side of planning, it really is important.

There are a lot of factors that go into picking the right day. First and foremost, it needs to be something you and your fiance sit down and talk about so that there is an understanding that you agree on your day. Something that was important to Kelly and I was that it will take place in the Winter. There is something about the cold weather that makes things seem a little more romantic, and there is no risk of guests being uncomfortably hot or sweating in their gorgeous getup.


So, what I want to get across is that you start with the time of year you would like to get married in. Whether that be Summer, Spring, outside in the Fall, or even a particular holiday (like us). That’s a great place to start. Then, you look at the calendar and figure out if you want to do a weekend wedding, that there are no other conflicting birthdays or events that may already be on your calendar.

Kelly and I lucked out when it came to our venue, because we had the date picked before we looked at it’s availability and LUCKILY it was available. It’s important to keep in mind that if you haven’t shopped venues, that you be open to the thought that your ideal date is not available at your dream venue. Be flexible. In the end, you won’t remember that your venue wasn’t available on March 14 (random).

Next, I would visualize your wedding day in the aspect of ceremony setting and reception setting. Have you always pictured yourself getting married in nature under a sentimental oak tree? Have you always pictured yourself getting married in a church and then celebrating all night under the stars? When you visualize the setting of your wedding day, keep in mind the time of year I mentioned earlier. The middle of August is not ideal for a 5:00 wedding outside and then an evening reception outside. Your guests may melt. So just be conscious of the comfort of your guests as well as picture perfect moments with your honey. Fall and Spring are perfect times if that’s what fits your vision consists of.


On a side note, if you are hell bent on having a holiday wedding (like me) be aware that vendors and companies you may want to use for your day will be more expensive. The reason is they have so many other events going on, and they need to pay their staff more for working on a holiday. Kelly and I attended a wedding on New Year’s Eve years ago and I was in love with the idea. I knew after that wedding that I, too, wanted to get married on New Year’s Eve. Having a holiday wedding is a great idea because decorations are pretty much chosen for you and it’s an evening fit for celebration anyway.


Okay, lastly I want to talk about all the couples that have the right idea with planning a destination wedding. Destination weddings can be to a unique part of the country, to a foreign continent, or on the beach on a tropical island. If you choose to go the resort route, the planning is pretty much done for you. So kudos to that. But, make sure that you choose a time of year where the weather is in peak condition for that area and you give your guests plenty of notice so they can save for your wedded getaway. On a side note, I’ve never been to a destination wedding and am dying to go to one. If you know someone, tell them I’m a rock star wedding guest.


If you’re planning a wedding or married, what kind of effort went into you picking your big day? I always love hearing from other brides!


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  • Reply Anonymous

    We wanted to get married on a holiday weekend after I graduated, then it was before the bar exam or after, really our choice was Memorial Day or Labor Day. I decided I wanted to get the wedding out of the way so I could focus on the bar exam… Memorial Day it was!! We wanted a holiday weekend so our guests would have that next Monday off. It also help with taking one less day off for the honeymoon. Also, we liked the idea of our anniversary falling on a holiday weekend every couple of years. But, we didn’t realize that some people are frustrated with holiday weekend weddings because they want to spend it at their lake house or on a vacation with their loved ones… Not yours. But not worth stressing about that because that probably isn’t someone crucial to your big day anyway.

    It will be so excited to attend a wedding on New Years. People no doubt will be ready to have a good time and the double celebration will make for an amazing night!

    June 15, 2016 at 2:53 pm
    • Reply Mary

      I didn’t even consider the extra day off until Kelly mentioned something on the way to yours. Huge added bonus! I’ve definitely received some flack about it being on a holiday, but my response is “don’t come if it’s that important.” 🙂

      It makes me excited to hear other people are excited about a wedding on NYE! I’m hoping it will be as fun as it sounds!

      June 15, 2016 at 5:00 pm

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