Weekend Recap

This weekend Kelly and I went to Austin to visit my Mom and Dad. We are going to be in the Dallas area next weekend for Easter, so we went ahead and utilized this free weekend for some R&R at my parent’s house. We drove in on Friday night and hung out with my Mom until my dad was home from work.

Saturday morning, Kelly and I went for a walk/jog around my parent’s neighborhood just to get some blood pumping. The weather was perfect. My mom had a hair appointment and when she got back, we made some sugar cookies for us to decorate for Easter.




After we baked the cookies, we went to grab a quick bite to eat at a local restaurant and meet with my sister. Once we were done eating and visiting, we went back to the house to make the icing for the cookies.




Then once we had all the icing made, which takes what seems like forever, we decorated away!




Aren’t those so cute? It was so much fun to relax at home and bake with my mom. While we were decorating, Kelly and my Dad were out doing their own thing. They came back home after a while and my dad started dinner. The rest of the evening was spent in my parent’s backyard listening to good music and eating the burgers my dad grilled.

Today we drove back to San Antonio and I was a lazy bum. I watched the webinar I’ve been waiting to find time for and did some cleaning up around the apartment.

It was a great weekend.

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