Weight Watchers Program – My First Month

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Today marks exactly one month since I began the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program and I wanted to give a full recap of my experience in my first month and give an honest review.

I signed up for the Weight Watchers program in December 2017 before Christmas and New Year’s Eve swung around. I purposefully enrolled in the program to get my feet wet and see how the program worked in regards to the amount of points that each food “cost”. I use the word “cost” because I personally feel as if I “spend” my points on a daily basis and it helps me decide if I want to “spend” my points on a particular item or not. So, in the month of December I ate regularly and did not monitor my diet closely. I merely wanted to see if I were to eat regularly, how would Weight Watchers calibrate the foods I was eating in terms of points. This helped me understand when I began the program on January 2nd how the points system worked and gave me an idea on how to responsibly spend my points right off the bat. I highly recommend doing this to avoid feeling overwhelmed by starting immediately on the first day of your journey.

Let’s start with my experience enrolling in the program and the cost that comes with it on a monthly basis. I enrolled in the program on my computer because I knew I would be typing in a lot of information about myself, my weight, my height, etc. It also allows you to create a profile so that you can connect with the rest of the WW community. There are specific questions that are asked when you enroll so that they can get a detailed look into your day-to-day lifestyle. This allows them to accurately allot the correct amount of daily points to reach your specific goals. A few examples of the questions they ask are what your daily activity level is and goal of how much weight you would like to lose per week. After you have entered in all of your information, it will tell you how many points you can spend in a day. The program costs $20 per month and there is no commitment. You can stop the WW program at anytime and cancel your payments.

In addition to the daily points that the WW program assigns to you, you get an additional allotment of points to use as a buffer throughout the week should you have a “naughty” meal or want an extra glass of wine or two on the weekend. These are your weekly points. This buffer helps me because I don’t feel guilty if I’ve gone over my points for the day. This is set up for you to have a safety net should you choose to indulge for date night or something like that. There are no recommendations of using your weekly points or not. It’s strictly personal preference. For me specifically, I save ALL of my additional weekly points for the weekend when Kelly and I go out for a date night. Although it can get a little excessive, I log everything I eat on the weekends just to make sure I don’t go over my weekly points too. Another perk is if you do not use all of your daily points on any particular day, any points that were not used roll into your weekly amount. Again, this helps me because I save my points for one “naughty” meal on the weekends. It gives me something to look forward to and I’m not completely depriving myself of eating how I want to.

“Yes, I would like another glass of champagne, please. Thanks!”

No guilt.

My favorite method of using the program is through my iPhone. I primarily use the WW app that can be downloaded in the App Store on any iPhone or Android device. This allows me to log my food/points as soon as I’ve completed a meal to make sure nothing gets forgotten. I’m pretty strict with my diet and will log every. single. item. of. food. This includes the 7 white chocolate wafers that were screaming at me from the pantry yesterday evening. They were screaming pretty loudly so I decided to eat a few to quiet them down. Lol! Another great thing about the WW app is that it has a Bar Scanner tool that scans the bar code that is displayed on the packaging of the food. It’s as easy as clicking on the bar scanner and the app auto populates the nutritional facts and points that belong to the food. Simply tell the app what your serving size was and BOOM! Done.

I do have one negative thing to say about the app. I personally feel that the ‘Search’ tool when logging your foods will prioritize the strangest things. If I am looking for something as specific, it will (sometimes) prioritize foods that aren’t even related to the food I’m trying to search. I have yet to find a database better than the one MyFitnessPal has, but it’s something I’m happy to live with.

Okay. To turn the focus a little bit, I now I want to talk about how WW has helped me mentally in a few ways. Before I was using the WW program, I was rarely cooking new dishes or even cooking at all. A go-to of mine was to either warm up a frozen dish or bake something in the oven for dinner. I used to dread coming home from work to cook something for dinner. And, it was something that I never really enjoyed to begin with. At times it was easier to run to the grocery store and buy something easy to whip up or even swing through the drive-thru. It was all about convenience. Well, that wasn’t helping anyone or anything. It wasn’t helping my weight. It wasn’t helping my wallet. And it just became a very lazy routine that I didn’t enjoy and left me feeling guilty at the end of my day. Recipe for disaster.

Since beginning the WW program, I’ve been cooking SO much more and I’m really enjoying it. There are hundreds and hundreds of really tasty recipes that I have found through Pinterest and blogs that 1) are delicious 2) are healthy and 3) are making me excited to come home from work to cook and enjoy with Kelly. A new routine of mine is taking my time on Sunday morning to plan out a menu for the week that I know Kelly will enjoy and that will fit in a great meal with a great point value in the WW app. I make my grocery list and go to the store to make sure I’m prepared for every meal of the week. Yes, it does become tedious but I have ZERO excuse to not eat what I’ve planned for the week because it is readily available to me at home. Also, this gives me something to look forward to when Kelly and I do venture out to try a new restaurant on the weekends. It’s all about moderation and preparation.

I have made more new recipes in the month of January than I have in a LONG time and I’m loving it. There is a whole community of people sharing recipes that they’ve found and love so that other people can share in the joy and variety. I posted this Shrimp with Spicy Tomato Sauce recipe a few weeks ago and it was extremely low in points value. Huge help to save points for a weekend splurge.

Would you be interested to see more WW recipes that I make? I would be happy to share!

I’m sure after all of this explanation of the points system, tracking points, and points points points that you want to hear about my results for the last 30 days. Well, I’m excited to say that in my first month of using the WW program…

I lost a total of 13.1 pounds!

I am very proud of myself and do not see myself stopping this program any time soon! The program really is working for me and I’m happy with it. I don’t feel as if I’m depriving myself of any foods, my energy is high, my mood is high, and I would be holding myself back if I were to seek a different method to help me achieve my goals for 2018.

I do still have a ways to go in order for me to hit some specific goals, but I know this program will help me get there! I’m not saying this program is an eternal answer or me or that I’ll use it forever, but I’m one month in and am excited to see how far the program will take me!

If you have specific questions, email me at or leave a comment down below.

Also, if you have any tips or recipes that you think I would enjoy, SEND THEM MY WAY!

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